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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Antonella Barba Fountain Images Part 4

Even more fountain images, higher resolution that normal. Look really close a few shots are pretty good.

Antonella Barba - Different Fountain Images

Here are more fountain images in different resolutions and poses. They are different, take a closer look. =)

Antonella Barba Fountain Pictures - Hi Res

I got some better images of her by the fountain and these are higher resolution for some super UP CLOSE looks! Enjoy it......

Antonella Barba Pictures & Images - Part 5

Antonella is showing off her fine dinning skills in image 1. I have no idea what's up with the girl to the right in image 2, her smile scares the crap out of me! Image 3 reminds me of some drunk whores at a bad strip club. Image 4 is showing off Pokemyhiney...... and finally image 5 shows Antonella in a pretty nice outfit but the gummy smile is horid.... ewww.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Antonella Barba Pictures & Images - Part 4

Antonella Barba Pictures & Images - Part 3

Anotnella shows us in these images that she has some pretty fugly friends. We are very sorry for you Antonella and we hope you win American Idol so you can get some new HOT friends! Also take note that her guy friends are also fugly and look to be gay! The one dude has on a white playboy type shirt and the other guy is a giant pink teddy bear...... OMG this is a crazy factoid I have found, Antonella loves gay guys and IS into girls!!!

Antonella Barba Pictures & Images - Part 2

Antonella is REALLY starting to scare us! It seems she is a true lover of all things women! OMG, NO!!!........ let's look at the facts here.

Image 1 - She is getting a kiss from a chick who is also going for a feel of here boobie.

Image 2 - She is laying here head on the boobies of another girl

Image 3 - She gets close with fatty girl

Image 4 - She is going home with THREE women! OMG

Image 5 - She is happy because she is grabbing the blondes arse.

Antonella Barba Pictures & Images

I have a ton of new images for you guys today, nothing to special but at least you can see them all. Take note of the HOT blonde in one of the pics, yummy!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Antonella Barba Boobies

Check out this image showing off Antonella before she hits the pool. Her boobies look pretty hot in this picture and perky like a 19yr old girl. =)

Antonella Barba tries out for "So You Think You Can Dance"

Antonella found out that she may get her ass kicked off the show this week (not if all of the guys have anything to do about it.... snicker). She is now trying out for "So You Think You Can Dance" as you can see in this candid image of her dancing with some friends!

What is wrong with that kid!?

Antonella is seen in this image on the bed, under the sheet, with her almost naked leg sticking out! She looks upset and ready for love! Why the hell is that kid on the fatty girl and not Antonella?1 OMG, he just lost out on the MILLIONS she will get for winning American Idol and being in Playboy. Someone tell me this guys name so I can pay him a visit and slap his ass!

Satan controls Antonella.........

We have an exclusive image that was just sent to us! In this picture you see that Antonella is actually in control by satan himself! The red eyes on this guy and his snickering smile show us that satan knew she would be on American Idol and he took control of her during a party when she may have been wasted on booze and cough syrup. Antonella will not lose now because satan is in control of her! OMG I'm a freaking genius!

Hairy Giant tries to eat Antonella's brain!

In this picture you see a giant, hairy, drunk man trying to eat Antonella's brain with his tongue! This image alone should be enough to get her extra protection from American Idol security! This image really scares me........ OMG I peed myself.

Antonella and red face fat girl lock up!

In this candid picture you can see Antonella locking arms with her plump girly from school. This image leaves us wondering..... does Antonella like FEMALES or does she always share her creamy ice cream with girls for fun?!? What the hell would my guy friends say if I locked arms with my big buddy from the auto mechanic shop and gave him some ice cream?!

Antonella Barba Dildo & Mac Cheese!

Antonella was having a GREAT time in this image! As you can see yet again she looks to be getting ready for a long night of fun! The girls have their dildo, the mac weenie and cheese mix, a baby doll and a penguin! OMG, I wonder what the tubby girl in orange has in the purse!?!?!

Again this image proves that Antonella WILL BE the next American Idol. Anyone with this much crap in their past will make for great headlines and score her and AI about $50 million+

We love you Antonella!!!! Do you love the mac weenie?

Friday, March 2, 2007

Antonella Barba BJ - Look Alike Images

We found more pictures of the girl who LOOKS like Antonella. This is the chick that everyone said was Antonella giving a BJ. Please note this IS NOT Antonella, but a girl who does porn site work on the Internet. Someone found the images of this girl and decided to post them saying it was Antonella.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Antonella Barba Pussy Cat - Meoooow

Antonella Barba Pussy Cat - Meoooow

That's right folks, we have the first ever picture of Antonella's pussy suit! We all hope you enjoy this image and don't get to worked up from it. Please keep in mind you need to be 18+ to view Antonella as a pussy.......